With flagship smart phones already entering the world of phablets, most Android manufacturers are looking towards launching the mini versions of some of their flagship products. While Samsung is coming up with the Galaxy S4 Mini, the HTC One Mini is also awaiting its launch in the months to come. So, what does this scenario mean for Sony’s Honami Mini? Will it move ahead of the competition or linger behind with disappointing specs like those of Samsung’s S4 Mini.

It is expected that the Honami Mini will be similar to its parent Honami in features and will not cut back too much in the vital specs. It is expected to come packaged with Qualcomm Snapdragon’s 800 quad-core processor, a mini version of the camera present in the Honami and 4 or 4.3-inch 720p display. The screen resolution is expected to be in the range of 720p HD and give better and more decent performance than some of the other flagship models in the fray.

It remains to be seen whether Sony Honami Mini can match the expectations of its users and market watchers, or will fizzle out over time. However, this certainly isn’t good news for the others in the field –THAT of the likes of HTC One Mini and Galaxy S4 Mini.