Every Indian citizen above 18 years has the right to vote. With this, a sense of empowerment and the idea of “ownership of the government” is handed upon us. But the sad truth is that that most of us don’t use our constitutional right to its fullest. It is even hard to believe that most of the voters’ don’t know how to register vote in India. Management of the electoral system in India falls under the Electoral Commission of India (ECI).

Register Vote In India

With over 900 million voters’ eligible to cast their votes, withholding our democratic right is imperative to fight for issues like poverty, education, clean drinking water, improved civic and social infrastructure, and so much more. So, if you have decided to vote, here is a simple guide that will help you know with how to register vote in India.

Who is eligible to vote in India?

“The Constitution of India grants every citizen, irrespective of their caste, colour, creed or race to vote under the Citizenship Act along with granting them protection under the 15th Amendment”.

Eligibility to vote in Indian elections:

As per the ECI, an Indian citizen can become a voter under the following conditions:

  • Every citizen above 18 years of age has the right to vote unless disqualified to be enrolled as an elector.
  • To be eligible to register a vote in India, the voter must be a resident of the part/polling area of the constituency
  • Overseas Indian is also eligible to vote as they are considered to be ordinarily resident at the address given in passport.
  • Service voters, including members of the armed forces, armed police forces, and also government employees, are also eligible to register vote in India.

Right to vote in Indian elections

Once you have fulfilled the aforementioned criteria, you will own the right to vote for the following elections held in India:

  • National-level elections
  • Local government body elections
  • State-level elections
  • District-level elections 

Rules to vote in Indian elections

Once you are granted the right to register vote in India, you will have to adhere to the voting rules:

  • You can cast only one vote. 
  • It is necessary to have Voter ID or EPIC card or photo identity election card to register vote in India.
  • Voting right allows you to register vote at your registered constituency. This means that, as a voter, you will have to register yourself in a particular constituency, which should be the place where you live. 


What documents are required to register to vote?

Once a citizen is eligible to vote and has enrolled, a voter slip from the ECI will be issued that confirms the name on the voter list. This slip, along with a stipulated photo ID proof, can act as a voter card, in case one does not have a voter ID card.

Here is the list of documents required to register Vote in India. It is necessary to have one of the following documents in order to be able to cast your vote.

  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Passbook with photograph issued by a state bank or post office
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Official identity cards issued to MPs/MLAs/MLCs, etc.
  • Service identity cards with photograph issued to employees by central/state govt./PSU/public limited 
  • Smart card issued by RGI under NPR
  • MNREGA job card
  • Health Insurance smart card issued under the scheme of Ministry of Labour
  • Pension document with photograph

As per the rules enunciated by The Election Commission of India, voter identification is compulsory at the time of polls this means that you will only be allowed to register vote in India after showing the allotted Voter ID Card issued by the ECI. You can also submit any other documentary proof approved by the ECI to cast your vote.

Remember, having a valid Voter ID card is not a solid proof that you will definitely be allowed to vote. It is equally important for your name to appear on the electoral rolls. If you name is there, then the next step for you will be to show any of the identification document mentioned above. There are many ways if you need to know how to register vote in #India.

Registration process to vote in India

Online Registration

The registration process to vote in India is available both online and offline as well. ECI offers online voter registration for Indian nationals who are 18 years of age as on 1st of January of the year of revision of electoral roll. If you meet the above criteria, you can then enroll yourself as General Voter and fill Form 6 online available on National Voters’ Service Portal. To be able to register your Voter ID online, you will be required to fill Form 6. This form is also applicable for ‘First time voters’ and ‘voters who have shifted to another constituency’

online registration process to register vote in India
Visit the National Voter’s Service Portal (http://www.nvsp.in/)

It is important for you to read the application correctly and fil it on time. It is equally important to check the status once the registration process to vote in India is completed.

Documents for registration process to vote in India:

  • Age proof (birth certificate, mark sheet of class 10th, PAN Card)
  • Scanned photograph
  • Address proof

Simple steps to follow for online registration:

  • Visit the National Voter’s Service Portal (http://www.nvsp.in/)
  • Click on “Apply online for registration of new voter
  • Fill in Form 6 carefully by choosing the preferred language

Once your form has been duly filled and submitted, it will then appear on the notice board of the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO). In case anyone wishes to raise objections, they will be allotted a period of one week.  Once over, you will receive a notification via SMS on your registered mobile number

Offline Registration

In case you are planning to apply offline for registration of voter ID, then you will have to visit the Electoral Registration Officer or Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of your constituency and request for the requisite form.  You can also download the form from the Election Commission website.

Form 6 Election Commission of india to register vote in India
Form 6 Election Commission of india

Once you have Form 6 in hand, fill it carefully and attach the same documents as mentioned in the online registration process. Once the process is complete, submit the form to Electoral Registration Officer or Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of your constituency.

The same process, which is mentioned in the online registration process, will be followed. Once that is complete, you will be notified of the outcome.

All You Need To Know About Form 6

Form 6 is an application for inclusion of name in Electoral Roll. The application can be filed after draft publication of Electoral Roll of the Constituency. It is important to fill the application with the specified days as accorded for the purpose.  Here are some other pointers that you need to keep in mind when filling Form 6:

Each individual can only fill one copy of the application

  • You can file the Application for inclusion of Name at any given month of the year. You can also file when the revision process is on halt. But remember to file the application only in duplicate during the non-revision programme.
  • You can file the voter application at
  • Designated locations where the draft Electoral Roll is displayed (mostly polling station locations)
  • Electoral Registration Officer
  • Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of the Constituency
  •  During the non-revision programme, you can only file your voter application with the Electoral Registration Officer.

How to Check Voter Registration Status

When you submit Form 6, you are allocated an application number that allows you to track voter registration status. You can check the status on https://www.nvsp.in/forms/trackstatus. The status of your voter ID will be displayed on the screen. We hope this information will help you solve your question regarding how to register vote in India.

Check track Voter Registration Status
You can check the status on https://www.nvsp.in/forms/trackstatus.

Let’s pledge to stand united for this country and cast our vote for the betterment of this nation.

If you need help or assistance on how to register vote in #India