Microsoft latest operating system Windows 8 has a new Realtime news app. The app has been developed by India Limited which is a popular online news provider. The new touch devices of Windows 8 have incorporated the touch app and have a user interface which matches the modern UI style.


As per an official statement by Rediff, with the latest headlines and top stories visible at a glance, users get news from across 30,000 Indian and international publications. Users can simply swipe and touch their surface tablets or use the desktop version of the app.

When you open the app you have top stories in a tiled view and they can be organised into six categories: Top News, World News, Entertainment, Business, Cricket, and Sports. Choosing a category tile takes the user to the top stories in that category. The top stories are consolidated by clustering all the available news articles in that category. Selecting a story takes the user to the full article on the original news source.