There have been rumors that Google may pull a stop on its Nexus line. However, the recently released fourth quarter earning of the company indicate otherwise. In a conference call Google CFO Patrick Pichette has revealed that Nexus 5 has proved to be profitable for the company.

CFO has reported the Nexus 5 has been the key player in company’s fourth quarter growth and both Chromecast and Nexus are the bestselling products of the company. According to Pichette: “We had great momentum on the Nexus 5 and Chromecast.”

Does it mean Google will continue adding products to its Nexus line up? Though Pichette hasn’t given any information regarding the continuation of Nexus devices it is speculated that if Nexus 5 has proven profitable for the company, Google will not withhold the popular Nexus line.

What adds more to the speculation is the leaked image of red Nexus 5.

According to a report by Android Central, a Twitter user @artyomster, has allegedly leaked a number pics of red Nexus 5. The box on the photo has also listed the color red.

The website has further reported that Nexus 5 will be released in varies hues in February. For further updates stay tuned.