Flipkart To Reveal Realme EntertainmentKaBoss Phone At 12pm Today


Indian ecommerce giant Flipkart, along with Chinese smartphone maker Realme, has been teasing users about a new phone for some time now. Today at 12 pm finally, the company will unveil what they claim will be Realme’s EntertainmentKaBoss phone.

So far the name or features of the Realme EntertainmentkaBoss phone have not been disclosed. However, several reports suggest that the new phone could be a series of Realme A1 or Realme C1 phones. On its website, Flipkart has said that this Realme EntertainmentkaBoss phone will have a mega battery, mega screen and mega storage.

Meanwhile, read about the Flipkart Nearby app here.

Since it is being recalled as an ‘entertainmentkaboss’, it’s like to have great graphics and storage capabilities. This has been hinted by the phone’s teaser on Flipkart as well.

It’s likely come at a great price and should attract a younger audiences! Visit Flipkart for details.

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