LEGO BuildwithchromeThis time, when you want to take a break from work, you might want to try an interesting new tool set up by Chrome and Lego. Called Build With Chrome, this tool allows you to create structures and publish them online. Creativity, fine motor skills and teamwork are only some of the advantages associated with LEGO blocks. However, the digital version is a real twist for all the parents out there.

LEGO continues to be popular among adults, which means Build With Chrome will have many, many takers. However, what will be interesting to note is whether parents would be eager to have their tods latch on to this new version of the game.

The biggest challenge among parents today is to ensure minimum screen time for their children. We have found some very interesting apps that younger children could play on your phone or iPad. However, to make a shift with a game that most parents swear by, would not be easy.

LEGO celebrated its 50 years in 2012, when this WebGL-based app was built by a team in Australia. Now, Chrome has launched the game for everyone. This would also work well for The LEGO Movie, which will be out next week. Are you ready to build? 


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