Are You Ready For A Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone With A Querty Keyboard?

Samsung Galaxy S6

Find the touchscreen mode in Samsung to be of less worth? If you are among the tech-savvy breed who desire for a keypad enabled Samsung Galaxy S6, your wishes are on the verge of being heard.

Proposed acquisition

Samsung is working on developing Galaxy S6 on the lines of a smartphone with a physical keyboard. To make this move a reality, Samsung is thinking of acquiring Canada based Smartphone maker Blackberry. According to Reuters, the deal is valued at around $7.5 billion.

If this deal materializes as Samsung plans to, many security features including Blackberry’s famed keyboard could be added to Samsung’s smartphone in the coming days.

In addition, the proposed acquisition will create a new market for Samsung where it can give fierce competition to brands like Apple. Blackberry phones, unknown to many of its users, have a balance feature that allows one to distinguish between their work and personal contacts.  If Samsung goes ahead with the proposed move, users can think about safely storing their professional contacts and download and run multiple consumer apps at the same time.

Blackberry’s decline is Samsung’s gain

Blackberry used to be the market leader in the smartphone segment until 2007. However, its hesitation to adapt to changing market dynamics at the time when iPhone was launched in 2007 cost the company dearly. It tried hard to match the aspirations of the market and undertook various moves to counter the loss. This included opening its popular BBM messaging to rival Android and Windows Phone platforms.

In last November, Blackberry announced its partnership with Samsung to provide end to end solution for Android-based smartphones. With Samsung deciding to acquire shares in Blackberry, the long cherished desire of users to have a Querty keypad enabled Galaxy S6 seems to have come true.