For all those who welcome few useful tips to ease the process of iOS, stay tuned. We have some useful iOS advice to offer…

Supporting your device for a backup with iCloud can be handy. iCloud backup feature is very easy-to-use. Using it can give you a backup of data when the device is locked, plugged in, and connected to Wi-Fi. This feature can also reduce the need to restore the data with a PC in the future.

With an Apple device, all iCloud users get free storage space of 5GB. But sometimes that’s not sufficient for the data included in a default backup.

Luckily for iOS users, there’s a way to modify backup and lessen the space it consumes in the clouds. Want to know how to decrease iCloud backup size? Read on and follow these easy steps…..

Firstly, go to the Settings app on your Apple device, then tap on iCloud. Then, scroll down to “Storage & Backup” and hit on it.

Next, under the “Storage” section, there will be the total and available storage left in iCloud. Simply tap on “Manage Storage”, which will increase your available space.

Next in line is easy. Pick the device you’d like to manage. On the next screen, you will be shown a list of apps and the data related with them.

To disable iCloud Backup for a specific app’s data, use the toggle switch to the right of the app. You can also tap on “Show All Apps” at the bottom to display all the apps that are installed on your device.

Once you have turned off iCloud Backup for an app, a red “Turn Off & Delete” button will appear on the screen. When you hit that button, the app will be removed from the device’s iCloud Backup.

It is however; also important to note that this process will not remove the app or data stored on the device, but will delete the data from your iCloud Backup. Apps are automatically included in an iCloud Backup and do not take free storage space.

Weren’t the steps easy and simple? In case you want to watch a video too, click on the link below