In a series of Tweets, the Reserve Bank of India has issued warnings about online banking. Our dependency on internet banking has increased in the last couple of months due to the global pandemic. This has also led to an increase in online frauds and thefts. RBI has stepped up once again and issued warnings for all online banking users to safeguard your money from hackers. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind to save your money from fraud. You can also look at their tweets featuring Amitabh Bachchan on how to make the most of your RBI account.

When to avoid clicking on emails from your bank

On several occasions, RBI has issued warnings against fraudulent emails that are circulated in its name. As with most other banks, these emails are created by hackers and online thieves to clear the hard-earned money lying in your bank account. Fraudulent emails tend to be eloquent and lure you with messages like “a millionaire wants to transfer money to you for XYZ reasons” or that “you have won a lottery worth crores”.

In the process, the email could get into your system or ask you to submit the processing fee and other charges to get the prize money in your account. Do not fall in the trap and do not share confidential information on that email on your behalf if you find anything suspicious

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Such dubious emails tend to have viruses that allows hackers to swipe money from your account surreptitiously. The Central Bank has made it clear that such emails and messages are never sent to anyone on its behalf.

Stay cautious of online frauds and do not share your personal account details with anyone. All private banks have also issued a warning that their team does not call the account holders for any passwords or PINS.

We request you to use online banking only when necessary and do remember to log out of the banking apps installed on your phone as you never know if hackers are trying to steal your money. Do not click on links from unauthenticated sources or sites and do not disclose your details to anyone. Stay safe, stay healthy!