Razer launched its third gen Wildcat controller at Pax Prime, the widely acclaimed gaming festival. You could get hands on the device this October. The controller is compatible with the Xbox One that belongs to the tournament grade genre besides being equipped with multi-functional buttons.

Razer Releases Wildcat Xbox Controller At Pax PrimeRazer To Create Ripples

Razer is targeting great market viability with its Wildcat given that the latter is user friendly and comes with enhanced responsiveness. Moreover, the Razer product is easily lighter than most such consoles in the market. The ergonomic design is the USP of this controller.

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The Specs Revealed

The official line from the maker states that the device has been made after a number of prototypes were tested.  Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and the CEO of Razer says, “The lightest tournament-grade controller in its class with additional re-mappable buttons gives gamers an incredible edge.” The top specifications of the Razer console controller are as follows-

·         High carbon steel analogue stick removable aluminium triggers

·         Palm grips 

·         Stick grip caps

·         3.5 mm audio port 
Additional carrying case

Razer also announced the price for Wildcat to be around $150.