Haldiram’s ransomware attack in India is making the headlines. An almost successful cyber attck on the food major has also raised concerns for cyber security among fellow corporations. Hackers attacked Haldiram’s Snacks Private Limited servers to steal sensitive info about the firm before demanding a ransom of 750,000.

Haldiram’s Server issues turn out to be a major cyberattack 

Haldiram’s employees reported server issues to the company’s IT team. As IT team began to look into the matters, it turned out to be an undergoing cyber-attack on the company servers. After the cyber-attack was first spotted on July 13, Haldiram’s soon filed a complaint with the Noida cyber cell. 

Hindustan Times has reported that the complaint was filed by Aziz Khan, Deputy General Manager, IT at Haldiram’s. Khan noted in his complaint, “It was found that the company’s data was being diverted through the cyber-attack following which the server connection with other branches was cut off. However, by then, substantial data had already been stolen.”


It further reported that by 3 am, the ransomware had already spread via the corporate network. It was then that a complaint was raised with a cyber-security firm but all the sensitive data had already been encrypted by the attackers by then.

Hackers demand $7.5 Lakh ransom to access own records

It has been alleged that the stolen data included sensitive information like the employee info, retail sales, payroll data, inventory, purchases, etc.  They had also deleted much of the backups on the server, causing further damages.  

Unsurprisingly, the ransomware attack has already disrupted the company’s daily functioning amidst an already stressful economy. Hackers then began demanding ransom to return stolen information. They allegedly left a message on the servers proposing to decrypt and return all the data for a ransom of $750,000. 


FIR filed in the ransomware case after two months

Last week, Noida Sector 58 Police Station registered an FIR in the case under IPC sections 420 (cheating), 384 (extortion), besides relevant sections of the IT Act. However, as per a TOI report, company officials have alleged that they had already given a complaint in July itself. But, FIR was only lodged after multiple rounds and that too after two months of the incident. It also added that Haldiram’s team has now already recovered the data internally.

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