PUBG Independence Day Event ‘Incredible India’ Brings In New Rewards


India’s 74th Independence Day is here with just one more day to go but thanks to the novel coronavirus, we are struck in our homes. But, now you have got your favourite combat game to join in the celebrations. As a special reward to its loyal Indian users, Player’s Unknown Battleground has brought in PUBG Independence Day Event joining India’s celebrations. The event has been aptly named, “Incredible India”.

India will celebrate the Indian Freedom Movement tomorrow on August 15. However, the PUBG event has already gone live beginning August 10.But, if you are expecting some more combat challenges? Sorry Boss, not in the Independence Day event. Themed around various majestic Indian monuments, the gaming event includes several quizzes and some PUBG mobile flips.

In the first phase, players will participate in the three daily missions and daily quizzes to win flips. Players can then use the earned mobile flips for the Flip, Match and Win memory game. While the PUBG Independence Day event quizzes will include questions on different facts about India, flips cards will feature various Indian monuments. Players can use the earned flips to flip monument cards and attempt to match the same monuments in the second flip to win rewards.

Watch the PUBG Instagram Video here:

Rulebook to win rewards in the PUBG Independence Day Event

PUBG Independence Day Event 1
  • Complete three daily missions
  • Answer up to 3 correct answers in the PUBG Independence Day event daily quizzes.
  • Each correct answer wins you one mobile flip.
  • Use earned flips to flip cards in the Flip, Match and Win memory game.
  • Select a location and flip any cards one after the other as you want. (No. of turns you get equals the number of earned flips).
  • You win the corresponding reward if two consequent cards match. In case they don’t earlier card is flipped back.
  • Once you have revealed the current monument completely, you can move on to the next one and win some more rewards.

PUBG Independence Event will continue to be available with new daily missions and quizzes till August 24. Furthermore, the company has also introduced new wallpapersfeaturing several Indian sites including the Gateway of India,Red Fort,Charminar, TajMahal, HawaMahal, Mysore Palace, Victoria Memorial, Chennai Central, and Dal Lake. Smartphone users can get the new wallpapers from the company’sofficial Instagram page.

Notably, the company has also launched a Fabulous Journey Event to mark the 74th Independence Day of Indian neighbor, Pakistan.  Moreover, PUBG Mobile would also be hosting Fabulous Journey Classic Mode and Fabulous Journey TDM mode for its global players to win rewards from August 20 to September 2.