PUBG Mobile India relaunch is happening. The Indian government has given a green signal to PUBG Mobile India. GodNixon, the very famous PUBG Mobile content creator shared the PUBG Mobile India relaunch news.

There is also a new PUBG 11.1 patch update in the pipeline. The new update is expected to bring in a lot of changes, including additions to map rotation and gameplay, as well as the start of Season 11. The new season will see the comeback of the Paramo map. This map can be selected in normal and custom games, being able to play on solo, duos, and squad.

 The new Paramo Map in Season 11 has seen several improvements, along with the addition of random gaps around it, thus improving the spawn rate of secret rooms and aid pack helicopters. The map also recorded a renovation in terrain with the inclusion of more coverage areas. The new map is also expected to replace Karakin within the game’s map rotation, which will reduce the number of playable maps to five. 

Emergency Pickups

PUBG 11.1 Patch will also have Emergency Pickups. A system that has already been implemented in other titles such as Metal Gear Solid and that will provide more windows of survival and repositioning to any team. When using the Emergency Pickup, a Fulton balloon will come out of the backpack. When the balloon is fully inflated, players will have 60 seconds to bolt onto it before a plane arrives, which will pick up the balloon, lift the players, and begin heading to the centre of the safe zone.

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Players will be able to let go and parachute at any point in the game. The new tool will enable players to plan an escape from the blue zone, cross an open field under enemy fire, or even loot a remote place with fellow players. 

New Medals

In the new update, new medals have been added to the battle royale’s repertoire of achievements. These medals will focus on different combat situations and survival.

Also, with the PUBG Patch 11.1, players will only be able to showcase a maximum of two medals on the PUBG ID. This will enable players to display their in-game skills as well as demonstrate their seniority. 

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No official announcement has been made yet about PUBG Mobile’s availability in India. We still don’t know the exact date for the PUBG Mobile India relaunch, but according to the latest hints dropped, we know it is happening for sure. Stay tuned to know the latest PUBG Mobile India updates. You can also sign in for our newsletter to get the latest technology news delivered to your mailbox.