As new gaming consoles from Sony along with Microsoft is about to enter the market in the session holidays and before this loads of scandals have come up for them same. Recently, there was poll on twitter to known about the popularity of PS4 and Xbox and the results that were stated were shocking as Xbox One was showing a popularity level of 90 percent in US. The industry experts who were monitoring the contest clearly specified that the poll has been tampered and some Xbox lover has done the scandal to show different results.

In addition to this, the experts from the gaming industry have stated that, as PS4 is gaining popularity because of new games and features, it s hitting Xbox lovers because of which such scandal has occurred. Before closing down the popularity scale, it was found that more than seven hundred dislikes were there for PS4. The people who were involved in making of the poll mentioned that these polls are for fun and not for any other purpose, but the people who love games take these things very seriously especially when it is about gaming consoles like Xbox one and PS4. As of now, the fire of scandal has been diminished, but soon it will erupt again before the official release.