806cf45d-de8e-4af1-9610-d40be9df9276This PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Wii U gives you an insight to compare the user interface, compare hardware, backwards compatibility, media compatibility and some other features of all the three “next-gen” consoles. Techthirsty will aid you to choose your console this holiday season. Rather than battling them together let’s handle them one by one.

The best part about the PS4 is that it is much smaller than the size of the Xbox One and so is handy and easy to move. This is the right one to choose if you have are planning for something that fits in less space. The PS4 unlike the Xbox One incorporates its own power supply which makes it much lighter. If you are looking for something that is cheap then this one is for you, PS4 is significantly cheaper than the Xbox One as it does not have Camera accessory bundled. When comparing price the PS4 costs £349.99 whereas the Xbox One is priced at £429.99.The PS4 has iPlayer already and this console can be used as a TV streamer. The PS4 has a powerful GPU – graphics processing unit which is almost 50 per cent more powerful than the Xbox One.

The Xbox one on the other hand is huge which gives air more space to circulate, ensuring that even long hours of use do not overheat the console. The Xbox One definitely offers a better selection of games as compared to the PS4. Forza Motorsport 5, Zoo Tycoon and Dead Rising 3  are more interesting than Kill zone: Shadow fall. The Xbox One acts like a hub for your other home entertainment gears too. Another piece of hardware can be plugged into the Xbox One using its HDMI input.

 Wii U is the first console from Nintendo that supports high-definition graphics and is capable of producing up to 1080p video output. When compared to PS4 which has 8GB of GDDR5 ram, the Wii U has 2GB of DDR3.Half of the 2 GB RAM is dedicated to the console’s operating system leaving only 1GB for games.   

Keeping the pros and cons in mind and depending on whether you are a hardcore gamer or a casual gamer you could choose the console that best suites you.