50578713-bcca-45d2-a557-15cf83631779With plethora of gadgets available for holidays this year, there are several options available in the market. However, the choice depends on the number of priorities of people. Making selection is very important while acknowledging the factor of your priority and preference.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5s

The great handset features an ergonomic design with Touch Wiz UI with a plastic chassis. On the other hand iPhone 5s is an effective gadget featuring a huge update in comparison to the previous iPhone version. It features 120fps slow motion spec and the availability of iOS 7 along with Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The screen size of Apple is smaller than S4. Thus, if you are looking for a smartphone which is bigger and more customised. However to experience better iOS 7 iPhone 5s is the right option for you.

PS4 v/s Xbox One

Both the gaming consoles come with box like design. While Xbox really looks like a black rectangular box with Blu-ray disc drive, HDMI input for real-time TV, Sony PS4 looks like E3. However, PS 4 is sleeker and smaller in comparison to Xbox One. While Xbox One features similar controller with slight modification, Sony comes with bigger Dual Shock 4 with unique front and middle touchpad. However, Sony Dual Shock is much better than PS Dual Shock Controller. Xbox has been priced $100 higher than the Sony PS4.

Thus, with 2 most famous gaming consoles and two most popular smartphones fighting in the race, the competition gets stiffer. It is the preference that the users have to make to select that gadget of their choice. Whatever the need and priority of users is, you can go as per the requirement.