GTA 5 is set to receive latest update across five platforms, according to Rockstar. It will be availabe on PCs, PS4 and Xbox One. Christened as ‘Ill-Gotten Gains Part One’, the update is set to go on air next week and may give access to new accessories, clothing lines and gold vehicles over the game

However, these will be paid products. The list of available wares will also include high-end gear that can be personalized.

PS4 News: GTA 5's New Gun Feature, Bungie's Destiny Expansion, Latest PS4 Model OutedA all new Enus Windsor will now come with eight vehicle wraps. The solid gold Buckingham Swift Deluxe or the Buckingham Luxor Deluxe will be seen on the way to Los Santos. For Ammu-Nation, Combat PDW (Personal Defence Weapon) will also make an entry.  
While we do not have confirmed news, the gaming guns may see innovation in the barrel designs, as spotted over the Rockstar Newswire teaser pick.