In all the Hub-dub of Google’s Nexus 5 release, a speculated rumour on it supporting a nano SIM has certainly been doing rounds.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently published regulatory paper-work containing photos of the components of the much awaited Nexus 5. The documents spell out various features of the Nexus 5 including the camera module with optical image stabilisation (OIS), non-replaceable battery and (after various negations) a micro-SD card.  If supporting a Ukrainian wireless carrier, the Nexus 5 will have a nano-SIM card.

If you plan to buy an iPhone 5s / iPhone 5c / Nexus 5 or a smartphone with Android 4.4, make sure you go through with one housing a nano-SIM from Life. Apart from the fact that you’ll be satisfied with broadband Internet, the offered package is valid from the tariff plan ‘all inclusive’.

Grapewine also hints that the nano SIM will support the next Android version, 4.4 KitKat. 

Recently a member of the MacRumours forum spoke of a purported photo of the Nexus 5, claiming that he was able to get hold of the device, which is smaller than the LG G2 and feels more like the Nexus 7. He also claims that the display of the device, with smaller bezels, is not as good as in the Galaxy Note 3.