Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Prior To The Launch Of Windows 8, Microsoft Unveils A Major Update

Microsoft Windows 8 updateJust two weeks prior to the release of Windows 8, Microsoft on Tuesday uncovered a major update or operating system for developers and business users.

Along with several bug fixes, this updated service pack will offer improved performance, power management, battery efficiency, media playback and fixes general compatibility issues.

The update is available only for MSDN or enterprise customer, for others, it will come out on Oct. 26th with Windows 8. According to a blog post by Steve Sinofsky, Windows chief,  “If you are an MSDN or enterprise customer, these updates will be available for your Windows 8 PCs via Windows Update as of today (October 9), following our standard cadence for Windows Updates on the second Tuesday of each month at about 10:00am.”

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Further talking about the availability of Windows 8 Client and Windows Server 2012 General Availability Cumulative Update, Steve said, “This cumulative update package provides a collection of performance and reliability improvements that are designed to improve the Windows 8 experience. We recommend that you apply this cumulative update as part of your regular maintenance routines.”

He further added that these updates will be featured in Windows 8’s first service pack.

This latest update to Windows 8 OS comes shortly after Microsoft revamped its built-in applications. Microsoft rolled out update to include the Skydrive, mail, messaging, photos, maps, news, travel, weather and Bing apps.

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Besides app updates, other notable changes include the replacement of traditional Points system for payments with direct payments. The change is currently only available on Zune Marketplace for movies and songs; but is expected to roll out for others app stores such as Xbox 360 marketplace.

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