Just as all eyes are set on the release of the next-gen iPhone 5 by Apple, YouTube, which will no longer be a default app in the iPhone’s iOS 6, has already got a replacement.

YouTube, now owned by Google recently launched a new version of its own iPhone app, which is made with some notable changes and significant upgrades.

Users can easily install the upgraded version from the Apple App Store. Here is the link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/youtube/id544007664

It was revealed in August that a license between Apple and Google to preload the YouTube app in iOS had expired, which means that the famous video app, which had been a staple since the first iPhone, would no longer be a part of the package when the new iPhone hits the shelves.

YouTube, however, announced that the firm would release its own app for Apple products and came out with the new YouTube app for iOS.

With this upgraded iOS version, users will be able to play thousands of videos easily on their phone devices.

For YouTube, breaking up with Apple got good development for the firm. The new app the firm revamped now offers recommendations for YouTube users based on their past viewing habits. This feature can be a boost for the firm, which is always on the lookout to offer the best user experience.

This app also offers easier access to subscribed channels, which means users can easily follow someone on a regular basis.

And even if YouTube doesn’t offer recommendations, the upgraded app offers easier navigation and also includes a subject-based search guide that lets users look up videos based on interests such as music, pets and animals or sports.

Now sharing videos on Google, Twitter, Facebook and e-mail becomes much easier. The app also lets users save YouTube URLs to the clipboard.

YouTube says that this iOS app will work on iPad as well but has also announced that the firm is working on to develop a more tablet-specific app soon.

One of the most significant changes that cannot go unnoticed is that the new YouTube app comes with advertising.

With advertising, YouTube gets a way to monetize its mobile presence. And this is believed to be a success as the site gets around 1 billion mobile views per day.

Apple, however, is also launching its own version of maps in the next-gen operating system. The much-awaited iPhone 5 is slated for release today.