Awe! The Internet TV service provider misses the high-profile Emmy Awards. The inline subscription for video streaming service company could have won the awards after its nomination broke ground for the online awards, but it rather walked away without any statues losing in the league.

Netflix pushed hard for its real show like “House of Cards” to get shortlisted for the awards but the show couldn’t pull off that well. The red carpet for the magnificent award ceremony has now been rolled up without any presentation for Netflix. However, the loss of this award has created the most obvious buzz that Netflix has entered into budgetary negotiation by entering into the mobile viewing league.

Though the show wasn’t completely left unarmed, the House of Cards managed to get one award in the field of best direction in a drama swiped away by David Fincher. Even two creative awards fell in the kitty of the show in categories of casting and cinematography.

Netflix surely is keen to find out what made it lag behind in the award show and the service provider will surely leave no stone unturned in the coming times to bag the next year awards.