Monday, June 5, 2023
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Price of Humble Bundle Games in India Discounted to Rs. 300 and up

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With the new Humble Bundle 4, users will be able to buy premium games at any price they choose to pay, and it’s now available for Android users. The app is called Humble Bundle 4 and lets you pick up premium games like Machinarium, Splice or Walking Mars at a fraction of their original price. So buy your favorite games in bundles and pick up games that are worth over Rs. 2,000 for just over Rs. 300 using Humble Bundle 4. Users who wish to pay more than the average rate also get the addictive mechanical point-and-click adventure game, Machinarium with their bundle of games.

Interestingly, the makers of this app also distribute a portion of their earnings to charity.

You can also get PC versions of these games if mobile gaming is not your cup of tea. Just download your favorite games off the app and play them on the bigger screen as well. Shopping for games on Humble Bundle 4 also gets you a Steam key as well as DRM-free direct downloads of sound files to add to your music collection.

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