As anyone who has played the original Plants Vs Zombies will know, it is addictive. And not giving an addict his fix can have disastrous consequences.  Humour aside, many gamers are disappointed by  PopCap Games announcing that Plants Vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time will be released this summer – because it’s has already been delayed from the 18th of July and just saying that it will be released in summer has made many unhappy about the vagueness of it all. PopCap has not even stated whether it will be in the middle of summer or towards the end. What we can take from this is that fans of the game will just have to be a bit more patient.

The game has seen a soft launch in Australia and New-Zealand that instantly saw it shoot to the top of free game lists. PopCap maintains that this soft release was to analyse the gamers’ reception of the game and conduct more tests. PopCap has emphasised that it is working out the kinks in its server capacity, in game store and cloud saving capabilities.

All that fans can do in the meantime is watch the trailers that have been put online, they show a game that seems like it could take the franchise to a new level of fun and wait patiently.