The end of the world is upon us and we have poor old Yucci to face it all for us. Now how well can he do it, just try the Poor Maya and find out!

It is very rare that the game can be superseded by a wily character, which just impresses you with his antics and his amazing expressions. Poor Maya launched by Nurogames needs no explanation regarding its thematic content. After all, the Mayan civilization predicted the end of the world in 2012 and looking at the poor Mayan and Yucci, you will know why they predicted it in that manner.

Yucci is facing a wide range of problems including natural disasters, falling boulders, and what not! His expression just changes so dramatically that you are left with more laughs at the end of the affair. Yucci is just a puppet at your hands but a really hilarious one! You can just bombard him with a series of misfortunes and give him opportunity to recover his health while you plan the next disaster for his fall. You are the ultimate creator and destroyer in this simple game format. Poor Mayan gains from every misfortune faced by Yucci and even as he loses some health, he earns brownie points on facing off his situations. You can help Yucci by offering him time to recover or even caress him to health by tapping on the screen as well. After a series of disasters, Yucci gets to amass experience points which unlock the various levels of the game and helps him to combat new situations. Care has to be taken that the poor fellow does not lose his total health and timely caress is required from time to time to keep up his progress.

Full of interesting animations, it is a good addition to your iPhone or iPad just to give a new dimension to your gadget. It is not superficial and really basic in its approach. But then again, simplicity is the best policy and especially when the world is coming to an end. You would also love its sound effects which are a good addition to this funny take on the impending Apocalypse. The game is set apart by its unique Mayan with plenty of customization options and funny outfits.

And if you are wondering where to get this, you can download it absolutely free from either iPhone App Store or the Google Play Store. It is easy play and a good way to spend some time while you are waiting for your tram or just lining up at a queue at the coffee shop! And of course, the Mayan cry can startle the crowd around you for sure! I was bowled over by poor old Yucci and though there is no Mayan world of explorations with the exception of a Ziggurat here or there, it still remains an enjoyable ride for all! After all, it is not every day that you get to play ‘god’ and exhibit your supremacy over this simple Mayan!