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Pondering The Fantastical Side Of And Samsung Galaxy S4 And Sony Xperia Z: Which Deserves More Nods?

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From Sony Xperia Z to HTC One to Samsung Galaxy S4, the array of choices is dizzying. The only way to be satisfied with your phone is to pick the one which suit your needs best.  Sony Xperia Z is the first of its kind being water and dust resistant and if talking to your  loved one while in the shower is your thing than there is nothing better than Sony Xperia Z. The phone has already taken a dip in water and recently the T-mobile store in Prague showed the might of the phone by using male and female swim suit model using phone while bathing.

HTC One is one of the best offering of HTC since the abysmal failure of HTC One , if chic no-nonsense lookm and ultra pixel loaded camera is your calling than there is nothing better than 5.29-inch HTC one.

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Comes Samsung Galaxy S4, so should you wait for it?

All the leaks and rumors of Samsung Galaxy S4 point towards one thing , that this phone would take smart phone world by storm (its  strong processor, wireless charging  and stylus are few reasons) and yes if you are a Samsung fan and water resistance is not on your list than the wait till 14th March is worth.

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