The launch of Polaroid Snap takes me down memory lane. I recently took a trip to a quaint hill station Kasuali in India where time stood still. Every facet of the picturesque colonial city demanded to be captured in the exclusive frame. However, much to my dismay the only piece of camera I had was the one etched in my smartphones.11164708_10155621248380455_5071032050375955681_n

I did try to capture the beauty of Kasuali in my phone, but the digital pictures failed me miserably. This is when I felt that I needed a camera, which could seize the moment, which could give me exclusive relics.

The Polaroid Snap is one of these, it gives you instant pictures, which you can touch and feel. The camera is 10-megapixel and creates snaps with Zero ink technology and heat activated dye crystals. It lets you store picture in the micro SD card and new photos can be clicked while the old ones are getting printed.

The pictures are bright and make for a great photography experience. What really sets the Polaroid Snap is its ability to store pictures in digital form. You can store the pictures and print them when needed.

Another interesting feature is photo booth, which lets you capture 6 photos in a few seconds. The camera design is minimalistic with a streak of rainbow colors in the front. The camera comes in four colors red, blue, white and black.

It will be rolled out to the buyers later this year for $99. If you are one of those travellers or photography connoisseurs who will like to relive the moments through photos, then this vintage-modern blend of a camera is worth the wait.