With the society maturing and understanding the need of the hour, we have now begun to appreciate the true potential of virtual world for learning and enriching ourselves.  Owing to this understanding, Poland is the first nation to officially recognize computer games as important educational resources to support the teaching of sociology, ethics, philosophy and history. Poland is the first country to implement video games in school reading lists for high school students to take over the traditional textbook-oriented education

A New Mode of Learning

According to Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawie, “Computer games create space for an interesting analysis of events, and it shows young people how to follow the good paths in life.” It won’t be wrong to say here that just the way we enjoy reading books and watching movies along with indulging in physical media, we enjoy gaming too.

Poland Includes Computer Games

Also, computer games, with its more sophisticated outlook, can now be used for more than just reconnoitering fantasy worlds or raiding castles. Poland’s Prime Minister also stated,” Poland will be the first country in the world that puts its own computer game into the education ministry’s reading list. Young people use games to imagine certain situations [in a way] no worse than reading books.”

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Core English Skills At The Forefront

One of the most common example emphasizing the value of video games is the core English skills. In a study conducted by Kanda University of International Studies, it was noted that,”In terms of the activities themselves, 39% of respondentsfound the cooperative multiplayer activity to be most useful to their studies.

Poland’s government will add the computer game This War Of Mine
Poland’s government will add the computer game This War Of Mine

Reasons given included the fact that learners were able to use a variety of language skills during the activity and that the activity encouraged them to communicate actively withtheir partner.” This is a clear indication that that multiplayer, cooperative games can help students learn English as a second language through context, play, and social interactions

"The War of Mine" game in Poland School
“The War of Mine” game in Poland Schools

Concentration & Focus

Along with encouraging teamwork and social skills, computer games or video games have time and again proven to be a great outlet for kids with autism, anxiety, depression as well as ADHD. Video games help nurture creativity and delivers a calming environment for neurotypical and neuroatypicalchildren alike.

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The main point here is to understand how video games reform education through change. It breaks the traditional teaching chain and inculcates new ideas, ways and methodologies to enable children to grasp concepts faster and retain the practical aspect as well. It is now up to the education system to accept and appreciate the virtual world to its fullest to reap the benefits it withholds.