Mega_Pokemon_4-X-and-YZygarde, a fictional character, makes an appearance in the Pokémon X and Y game series. Now who is this Zygarde?  As per Japanese Website 4Gamer, a ground dragon type belonging to a group that comes into view when the ecosystem of Kalos falls into disorder, panic and chaos. Zygarde can cause the maximum amount of damage while fighting with multiple soldiers at the same point of time.

The fictional dragon has been infused with an assortment of capabilities including Aura Break that is required to overturn the special effects of auras like the quality attribute properties of Zeruneasu “Fairy Aura” or Iberutaru “dark aura.” This would be followed by the release of Pokemon Z.

Pokemon X and Y were launched in the last year and all the games are official versions for the Nintendo’s championship sequences. Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 would be left behind for the Pokemon World Championships.

The new Pokemon series would be released this month in USA. Players would also be given a chance to compete with each other in the games for tributes.

The matches would be held by Nintendo and the winners would receive trophies and chances to enter into the U.S. National Championships held in Washington DC. The event would be open to public and people owning a copy of Pokémon X or Y can opt for the contest. There are Pokémon card trading games as well.