Pokemon X and Y Tricks To Catch Shiny Pokemon: Made Easier by Tipping Waiter in Caféemon For many years, Pokemon has been incorporating secret shiny Pokemon in their various games. However, only a handful few are aware of this or what steps to follow for encountering the shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon X and Y

In the recently released Pokemon X and Y, players can find some tricks that enables them to catch the shiny Pokemon.

Catch Shiny Pokemon

Though it does not happen frequently, ardent gamers of Pokemon  may chance upon a gleaming substitute Pokemon version that is identical to the original one barring the color. Kotaky states that this exciting feature is found in majority of Pokemon games and the only ones that miss this feature are the ones introduced in the beginning. For many years, gamers have been playing Pokemon without realizing that this feature is available.

One of the hints was released recently. The hint  was for how to catch hold of a glistening Pokemon. The clue involves a waiter found in Pokemon X and Y. As per Product-Reviews.net, if a Pokemon gamer visits a café and defeats the Pokemon waiters in a particular way and later tips the defeated waiter, he will find the shiny Pokemon. Though this hint is guaranteed to work, there are few videos uploaded by users demonstrating that the hint works.