Pokémon X and Y, the newest addition into Nintendo’s incredibly popular monster-collecting series, come out in less than a month for the 3DS handheld console. This means Pokénerds all-over will finally get to check out mega evolutions, one of X’s and Y’s more exciting new features which unlocks incredibly strong forms of some of the most popular Pokémon (like the Mega Mewtwo X pictured above).

Still, it’s evidentiary clear that not every Pokémon is going to get a mega evolution. And while sources cannot authenticate or even say for sure who will get the privilege, but unfortunately we certainly have a good idea of which Pokémon won’t get the special treatment.


But what if some of the ugliest, least popular, and ridiculous pocket monsters actually did get the evolutions? We don’t wish to ruin expectations of childhood bred memories, but can you actually start to imagine a Mega Bibarel with a rejuvenated (more like a personal rendition) batman’s costume. Not to mention hybrid ears and a toothy smirk.


Teenager kids will have their grown-up experiences with a brand new outlook on Mega Jinx. With a slender & sleek figure of a lady, the new evolved avatar seems to be already talked about in stores.

The evolved Mega Vanilluxe hopefully should not (although our gut feeling already says “damn”) look like a triple scoop banana-split sundae. The Mega Shuckle could possibly remind you of a more down-scaled teenage mutant ninja turtle. And lastly, but not the least, a manly, ripped & super fit masculine version of Mega Mr Mime is rumoured to be true.