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Pokemon X and Y Released: Where to Find Your Own Pikachu?

Pokemon X and Y have been finally released. Pokemon on X and Pokemon Y are the closest renditions of once the pocket game. What really impresses in the newly released game is the way art direction of the battle has been handled; it is erringly similar to the television series. Though the game looks easy on surface it is not. There are lots of strategically defined and complex levels to clear. Now the burning questions every Pokemon enthusiast is asking where to find your own Pikachu? 

Keeping the Pikachu love in mind, the developers of the games have made sure that players find their beloved Pikachu pretty early in the game. According to Pikachu could be found in n both Route 3 and Santalune Forest — in both X and Y – just a few screens from the starting area of Vaniville Town.

Pikachu works at many levels in the game. It combats many enemies in the early levels with its exquisite static and lightning rod abilities.  With his static ability, Pikachu can paralyze the enemy upto 30% and with lightning rod capabilities, Pikachu does moves which make it difficult for the enemy to paralyze it.

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