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Pokémon X And Y Release Marred By Hacked Pokemon: Delay Caused by Outages And Changes

It seems that there will be another delay in the Pokémon X and Y game as the release date initially slated forMega_Pokemon_4-X-and-Y 27th will be moved forward to some time in 2014. 

  • This delay has taken place because there was an increase in the demand for the Pokémon Bank and Poke Transporter. This demand had also increased the amount of traffic of the website and eventually its removal from the Nintendo 3DS shop, as reported by Serebil. 
  • The Pokémon bank has been rescheduled to a new release date that has yet to be decided, the release date for the European and the North American shops will be the same.
  • The players who have downloaded the Pokémon bank can use this version of the bank in the X and Y game. There are also not additional details about whether the free thirty day trial will be affected by this removal, if they were able to by pass all the web traffic.

The new Pokémon X and Y game was supposed to remove the previous version of the game that was hacked into and will removed all the illegal Pokémon’s from getting transferred to the X and Y version. This seems like impossibility as many illegal Pokémon’s have been able to get past the firewall. 

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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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