Gamers can look forward to a fun time with the arrival of Pokebank which was delayed due to a network error.

It seems that the fans of Pokemon X and Y have a good reason to smile from ear to ear. The game’s unique feature Pokebank has finally gone live after much speculations regarding the previous network failure.

Pokebank is accessible to gamers from Australia and Europe through the Nintendo 3DS eshop. The launch has begun with a 30-day trial period extending upto March 14, following which gamers would have to pay a sum of $5 annually to access it.

Through this application, about 3000 pocket monsters can be stored in Pokemon X & Y. Gamers can also import rosters from other versions of the game through the ‘Poke Transporter’ feature. With its immediate launch in the two sectors, it is expected that the US release wouldn’t be far behind and one could expect a launch in the coming few weeks. And for gamers who download the Pokemon Bank before September 30 this year, may win a free Pokemon in the form of Pokemon Celebi.