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Pokemon X and Y: Poke Transport Comes in eShop; New Miniatures; Tips to Utilize Poke Transporter


The Pokemon X and Y’s Pokemon Bank has been delayed for Europe and North America and there is no news about when it will be available for download. But, for those who were lucky enough to download it before it got removed from eShop, The Poke Transporter was already added to the Japanese Nintendo 3DS eShop. This explains that feature is available through Pokemon Bank software. It can be taken from eShop and they can access Poke Transporter for the game.

 Users can register Nintendo Network ID for 3DS console before the Pokemon Bank for Pokemon X and Y is re-launched.

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 Fan-made Pokemon Card Game from Reddit

Reddit has become harbour for new projects of Pokemon X and Y and the recent one comes from Redditor menace64.

The game takes its inspiration from Wizards of the Coasts, Star Wars Miniatures. Taking hint from that, the table top Pokemon miniature game boasts 857singularl written cards for each species of Pokemon. It took 4 month for menace 64 to make the game and the game has its own rule book, checklist, map, booster packs and items. 

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As the game has recently been conceptualised, the interested players can join the new group and community through r/pokemoncmg. The participants can print their cards which can be viewed and get motivated to join subreddit, to enhance the game

 Utilizing the GTS in Two Steps

Pokemon X and Y players who still have to join, utilise and enjoy the GTS, RedditorPippetella has mentioned two important step guide to ignore the inappropriate usage of the specs

 The two important points to consider when you try to use GTS in Pokemon X and Y are: Players looking or new Pokemon or depositing their own only have to type the Pokemon’s name. it can be availed once the player have past the Z pokemon

Secondly, in order to use GTS, you should select the Pokemon that they own while doing a search


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