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Pokemon X and Y Photos and Memes: Would it Steal The GTA 5 popularity?



Ever since the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were announced, fans and enthusiasts have waited with bated breath for its launch. The long wait for the launch of Pokemon X and Y has plagued many fans of this iconic Nintendo game. The anticipation had reached point when there was a countdown announced on Reddit to mark the launch of the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

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Few days ago, the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were finally launched and the excitement has doubled since them.  For the past few weeks, gamers have been raving about GTA 5 which was also recently launched. Indeed, the  GTA 5 has enjoyed a lot of limelight but now it faces a stiff competitor in the guise of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Indeed, the Pokemon has bagged a lot of spotlight after it was launched on October 12th.

The excitement among Pokemon fans reached new heights the developers launched the three starters. Though there is a noticeable basis and some references pointing out to from where the game developers have taken inspiration for the new Pokemons, some other Pokemons have been based on some funny inspirations and this is what makes the new Pokemons even more interesting and fascinating.


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