The latest Gen game launched by Game Freak and issued Nintendo for Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon X and Y has no PC variant. Thus, the developers have released ROM emulators for the exclusive game version of Nintendo 3DS.

Pokemon X and Y PC Emulator

Fans couldn’t wait any longer for the release of Pokemon X and Y Emulator thus, allowing them to play it on laptops and PC. Though the 3DS emulator hasn’t been released yet and the fans need to wait for around 9 months for its release. The convo was released on 9th of January before the global release of the game

Few sites like have published the download of Pokemon X with current updates. The download also features Pokemon X and 3DS emulator.

Pokemon X and Y Downloads

There are several sites that provide Pokemon X and Y ROM and emulator downloads for computer users with game screenshots. However, there is no guarantee whether you getting the file for free or it comes with any malware. Always check before starting the download.