A new artwork of Mega Evolutions Pokemon X and Y has been leaked online. According  to a website called Serebii which has been regularly covering  everything about Pokemon X and Y has found several new pictures of pokemon. This means that a lot of versions of Pokemon are in the store.There are also speculations that lot of new pokemon  are hidden in the future levels of the game.

According to IBTimes.com, “There are several other Pokemons that you may not have yet encountered, as well as the known starters and Pokemons that can be caught in the game—remember Espurr, the freaky Pokemon with the equally creepy stare? Yes, it’s also there.”

Mega Evolutions Pokemon X and Y has emerged as the most popular game after GTA 5.  To bring new variations in the game the developers of the game are thinking to add more attacks  and pokemons in the game.

“It’s supposed to be a nod back to “Pokemon Red and Blue” (or “Green,” if you are in Japan), instead of going for a more complicated and complex route. Of course, even though simpler may be a possible direction for the seventh game, it doesn’t mean that it will take away from the experience of “Pokemon X and Y.” told Pokemon X and Y” art director Ken Sugimori to We Love Pokemon Magazine