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Pokémon X and Y: How to Get Pokemon World Championship Cup, Trade Card Game, Pocket Monster Prowess,

Pokemon_Starters-X-and-YNintendo has left the Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 far behind as the premier games in the Pokemon World Championship.

Nintendo recently disclosed plans for the soon-to-be-launched Pokemon Championship Series, which will be held all over the United States this month. The events will provide players an opportunity to ascertain their pocket monster abilities.

This is the very first time that there has been a championship series since Nintendo launched Pokemon X and Y for 3DS. The company is now going to include these titles into the Championship.

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Nintendo is all set to hold 5 regional events in the month of January. The highest point finishes in the event will get trophies and an entrant pass in the United States National Championships and probably the World Championships of 2014, which will take place in Washington DC in August.

The regional events of Pokemon are open for public and all players who bring 3DS and Pokemon X and Y copy can stand for competition. Along with the gaming event, Pokemon fanatics will also enter a trading card-game event.

Nintendo has offered infographics that demonstrate when and where the events of Pokemon Championship will be held in the coming few weeks.

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