One of the most interesting aspects of Pokemon X and Y are the O- powers. The O- Power helps you get more rewards and stats. The O-Power keeps on strengthening with the levels so that you can capture the wild Pikachu easily. During the game you get the O-powers when you meet Mr. Bonding.

So here are all the places where you can find Mr.Bonding to get O-Power, Defence Power, Speed power and many more

Sp. Defence Power: Enhances your Pokemon defense areas during battles

Location: Ambrette Hotel

Speed Power: Gives our Pokemon more speed during battle

Location: Geosenge Hotel

Befriending Power:  Makes your Pokemon happy and lively

Location: Courmarine City Pokemon Center

Encounter Power: Lets you find Wild Pokemon in wild grass, flowers and cave

Location: Laverre City Pokemon Center

Stealth Power: Decreases the chance of encountering wild Pokemon in tall grass, flowers and caves.

Location: Couriway Town Hotel

PP Restoring Power:  Gives your Pokemon more Powerpoint

Location: Snowbelle City

Bargain Power: Gets you cheaper items from vendor

Location: Hotel Richissime in Lumiose City

Critical Power: Gives you better chances of landing critical hits during the battle

Location: Shalour City Pokemon Center

Hatching Power: The eggs hatch early

Location: Max Style in Lumiose City