Pokemon – fuel of the kids

Pokemon has been a legendary cartoon series which captured the hearts of millions. It :

Experts elaborate that the prime difference depends upon the fighting style and preference of the user. Also, there are different pokemons in both of the versions. So, you can just check out the versions and pick one as per your interests. There are few users who are buying both the versions. On the other hand, many users are trading their X and Y versions to get the best of both worlds at cost of one.

Pokemon X and Y : Beware of Game-Breaking Bug

Amidst all the craziness about Pokemon Video games, a bug has been noted which is tainting the reputation of Nintendo. In the particular fighting zone – that is the Lumiose city, one just cannot save the game. If you attempt to do the same, the game freezes and has to be reloaded.

Despite how attractive the Lumiose city is, it’s not possible to save your game there. Interestingly, this bug has been reported in both European and Japanese version and hence should be taken seriously.