Not many days ago, Nintendo stated that it had discovered a game-breaking bug that had affected some Pokemon and Y players.

Pokemon X and Y Bug Fix

Nintendo acknowledged this on its Japanese website through NintendoLife. The glitch was happening when the player tried saving on the outer ring of the Lumiose City’s streets. This caused the system to abruptly free whenever the player tried loading the safe.

The Pokemon X and Y corrupt files have been discovered lately by makers of Pokemon X and Y. The Nintento page advises all players to not save in the area highlighted in blue till they have resolved the issue. The page is also recommending players to save the content in the city’s buildings. Players can also act as per tradition and save the content in Pokemon Centers.

Even if the player encounters the problem, not everything is lost. Nintendo is planning to release a fix update or some other method to repair the bug-struck game on the eShop very soon. This information has only been provided on the Japanese site so it may take some more time to hit Europe or the United States.

GTA 5 vs Pokemon X and Y

GTA 5 sales have been impressive in Japan and nearly 400,000 copies have been sold, as per Media Create sales figures.