Pokemon-X-and-Y_USThe Pokémon X and Y game has a ton of mysteries such as the locked regions, NPC’s and Dialogue Hints that can be found through out the game.

One dialogue will be the Pokémon Bank and the Poke Transporter and had lead Redditor Cacciator to create post bank mysteries within the game. Other mysteries in the Kalos Regions include:

The Couriway Train: this is not a special addition and does not do any thing in the game, players can expect that the Couriway train will lead to a bigger event or whether there is a Pokémon outside the realms of the X and Y game.

The Lumiose Ghost: this ghostly girl appears before the players after they exit the elevator, she tells the player that they are not the ones, pointing out to the fulfillment of this criteria coming from transported Pokémon.     

Strange Souvenirs: players will be rewarded with a souvenir after they start a dialogue with a man that moves to different hotels. This souvenir apparently appears to be connected to the Pokémon bank, but this is just a speculation.

The Lumiose Train: here a boy will tell the player that “it should be someplace right here?”