Pokémon Rumble World saw its release amidst much fanfare on April 8. As the excitement calmed down, the web went viral with news that a Reddit user by the name of Internutt has hacked and posted passwords to unravel Pokémon hidden in the game, which can be used as cheat after the Adventurer 4 stage.

Pokemon Rumble WorldThis has got the gaming community talking and now the Nintendo 3DS exclusive game is seeing heightened interest. You can also obtain the same from Nintendo eShop using money or use Poke Diamonds to get it from 3DS.

Amid so much, it might have gone unnoticed that Pokémon Rumble World got a new firmware update 9.7.0-25 for Nintendo 3DS.

Good news is that game is free and one of the most popular releases after the first three in the Rumble series. Pokémon enthusiasts can cheer over the fact that they will find 719 Pokémon in this series altogether.

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