The Pokemon Company has announced that Pokemon GO will be available for iOS and Android from 2016. Nintendo Co., The Pokemon Co. and Niantic announced that they will be launching the augmented reality-based game for smartphones. The Pokemon Company is the brand behind licensing and marketing of all Pokemon gaming franchise. Software development firm Niantic is best known for Ingress. 

Pokemon GO was initially launched for the Nintendo 3DS but there were complaints about poor interface and low speeds. It is an augmented reality game where players have to locate and fight out Pokemon in the real world. Pokemon Company 

All About Pokemon GO

Niantic Labs is a Google spin-off company that offers real-time locations for games. This way, players can engage in the game. Like most mobile-based games, Pokemon GO will have a free-to-play version, while being equipped with a vast array of in-app purchases. 

Nintendo is also expected to release a special device that will be paired with smartphones via Bluetooth to add to the real-life feel of Pokemon GO. Called Pokémon GO Plus, the device will notify people about other virtual Pokémons if they are closeby. This will work like a smartwatch and users can catch a Pokémon easily with this device. 

It will be a game to look forward to.