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Pokemom X and Y Training Manual and The Review

Pokemon fans are still celebrating the launch of the Pokemon X and Y. Pokemon developers have also introduced a unique training system known as Super Training. With this, you can train your new Pokemons some clever tricks of trade.

How does Super Training work?

Super Training is implemented through the Touch Screen seen on the Nintendo 3DS and you can deploy it at any time you want. However, you have to ensure that you are not involved in any battle prior to deploying this.

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The Super Training option can always be accessed from the screen’s bottom end. You can find the Super training option exactly at the side of Player Search System and also the Pokemon Amie.


Effort-O-Meter is another striking feature of the Super Training. Using the Effort-O-Meter, you can easily monitor and track the Base Stats of the Pokemon. Additionally, you can also increase the Base Stats with the help of Super Training.

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The green bar of the Effort-O-Meter shows the original Base Stat of the pokemon. The yellow bar display the increase in the Stats. With such indications, players get a good idea about the how many Effort Value Points will be required to level up each stat.

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