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PM Cares Fund Game: All You Need To Know About The Viral Game

“PM Relief Fund to sunatha, but what is this PM Cares Fund Game?”

If you too have found yourself wandering what is this game on PM Care Fund, this one is for you. We spill the beans to rest all your curious cells. This article jots down all that you need to know about the viral PM Cares Fund Game.

What is PM Cares Fund Game?

PM Cares Fund Game is a customised version of Google Chrome’s popular dinosaur game that you might have played to pass time in the offline mode. However, but the twist in the tale is the main character as the new PM Cares Fund game replaces the Google Chrome dragon with none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself as the main character of the game.

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However, it isn’t just end there but goes on to take a sarcastic dig at the central government. The viral game goes on to points towards the lack of details on “PM Care Fund” as well as the many COVID-19 obstacles that the country is facing.

Plot line of the PM Cares Fund Game

For those who haven’t seen the game, here’s what it is like to play the PM Cares Fund Game. Much like the original T-Rex game, PM Cares Fund game also featured the main character of PM Modi running through an obstacle course.

Only this time, the cactus featuring as obstacles were replaced by figures representing common man, court, media, etc. Moreover, hinting at the pandemic, PM Cares Fund game also featured tiny COVID-19 droplets instead of flying monsters.

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PM Cares Fund Game


However, when a player hits an obstacle, it doesn’t stop the game but rather exempts and urge the player to keep continue. Particularly, when a user hits the joblessness obstacle, it simply reads, “economy down, jobs down, all good.”

Interestingly, the novel coronavirus is no exception to the game’s unfathomable mercy. When a player hits COVID, even then it simply reads, “Game not over. COVID cases up. No problem. Please continue.”

Furthermore, taking a jibe at the PM Care Fund, the domain page currently reads, “Unable to display PM CARES fund details. PM CARES fund details could not be displayed because the Government won’t allow you to see it. ERR_HIDDEN_BY_GOVERNMENT”

Maxmess, The Anonymous Redditer behind the Viral Game

The game has been developed by a popular but anonymous Reddit user, who goes by the username of Maxmess. Media reports have quoted the anonymous Redditer sharing that he himself was surprise that the game had gone viral.

Maxmess had bought the domain “” and eventually shared about the now viral PM Cares Fund game on the r/india forum. Notably, his post garnered more than 8K upvotes within the first 24 hours of posting.

In an email interview with Edex Live, Maxmess said, “”Usually posting about side projects on the internet is like shouting in the void. I am happy that so many people played the game and most people (so far) have been able to see the humour in it.”

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He recalled that he himself was surprised that the domain name, “” wasn’t already purchased. Hence, he wasted no time and immediately purchased the domain. He also shared that he had initially planned to just display a simple message, “Page not available” to take a dig on the government before coming up with the idea of the PM Cares Fund game.

Talking about his anonymity, he also added that it’s a bit weird and sad to feel scared for making such a silly thing — but this is the country we live in. But, he was also quick to note that he hasn’t faced much backlash on the game besides an FIR threat on Reddit.

Don’t to forget to share this story with your friends and tell us what you think of the PM Cares Fund game in comments below. Have a happy weekend!!!

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