According to reports confirmed by Gadgets 360, Sony is expected to cut the price of their PlayStation 4 for India. Expected to happen sometime in the middle of October, the price drop is expected to be at around Rs. 5,000. At present, the 500GB variant of PS4 stands at Rs. 39,990. If the price slash applies, the new price will stand at Rs. 34,990.

Playstation 4 To See Slashed PricesWhat Sony Is Planning?

Now before you get so excited, do note that Playstation will soon launch a new 1 TB variant in India as well as see limited supply on its 500 GB variant. The new 1TB model will come with a price tag Rs. 39,990. Sony will offer a bundle of games on the 1TB PS4. PS4 has been seeing heavy sales ever since its release in January last year but Sony seems to be working on newer and heftier versions.

Upgrade To The 1 TB Model

For shoppers looking to pocket the PS 4 500 GB version, you can easily add a laptop drive of 2 TB by throwing in about Rs. 8000. Therefore, for so little, you can actually upgrade to a 2 TB model without much ado.