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Play Station 4: The Dual Shock 4 to Make Your Room A Play Room Wonder

The PlayRoom, augmented-reality (AR) game by Sony and unveiled recently at E3, is expected to be available on all PlayStation 4 consoles. The game is supposed to be a combination of both the PlayStation Eye camera and DualShock 4 controller where the two would create an interactive augmented-reality environment by working together.

Being an essential part to play the game, Sony is packing the PlayStation Eye camera with the console and the same would be made available separately too.

The PlayRoom is all fun where a floating robot interacts with the player and also with the DualShock 4 controller which in turn gives the impression that there many robots in the controller to be scattered with a shake of hands.

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Players can draw an object and flick it into the screen followed by the transformation of the same to a 3D object to play with the PlayRoom robots. All this can be done by using smartphone, tablets or PlayStation Vita too. The AR game would let players to first learn and become comfortable with how different PS4 devices interact with each other devices, very much like Wii Sports series.

What more about the AR game-users are waiting eagerly to actually make their play room a PlayRoom which is scheduled to go on sale in the latter half of the year.

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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
Sharma is the Lead-Instructional Designer at Pen Pundit. She takes care of all academic projects acquired and undertaken by the company. In her free time, she will be found fighting for animal rights.

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