The weekend is all set to rain creepers and zombies on you! The latest Minecraft Mods are the all set to provide you with a load of their adaptations of two of the very popular game plays– The Walking Dead and Plants vs. Zombies, along with an update on the features of the Creeper.

The Plants vs. Zombies 2 adrenalin rush is the latest craze in New Zealand and Australia and is taking up on most game times of the young and old players alike. The rest of the world is still awaiting the release of the game in the upcoming summer months. This 1.6.2 compatible version of the Plants vs. Zombies is quite similar in form and content to its predecessor. However, there are plenty of new levels and action plans to make the game more exciting.

Some of the plants likely to come your way are the sunflowers, pea shooters, repeaters, snow peas and three-peaters. These plants make the entire theme of the game similar to the real world and are reminiscent of the ways in which nature exists in its raw form.

Are you ready to get entangle yourself in the fun and thrill of these games. Just go for it!!