plants vs zombie,7 ways to die, new gamesWith many new games and sequels on the anvil, hard core gamers are up for a lot of excitement. These games will bring along new features, characters and situations. It’s a combination of Zombie killing and space fighting! Let’s take a look at some exciting things to expect:

Plants vs Zombies 2 is out, finally!

The indie game favourite Plants vs Zombies is soon to be back in its second avatar and it is clear that this new game is going to stay true to its roots while offering up some cool new stuff. So rejoice – Crazy Dave is back, Zombies still cry “Brainz” and get ready for time travel! Yes, Crazy Dave wants to eat his taco again, so he tries to go back in time by 5 minutes, unfortunately ending up in ancient Egypt! There will be new plants, zombies and also a sentient truck that seeming hands out plant power-ups!

7 Ways to Die – A zombie infested sand-box wonderland.

An open world voxel-sandbox game that blends elements of survival horror, FPS, Tower defence and role playing into one package! Developers The Fun Pimps are looking for backers, so anyone who wants to pre buy the game head over to to pledge your support.   

Star Trek DLC.

A Star Trek DLC, the Elite Officer Pack, previously a pre-order exclusive has just been made available to purchase at Xbox Live. Get new weapons and uniforms.

Zombie killing and space fighting just got more fun!